Portraits and Architecture, 2002-


Eline, Villa Stenersen, 2002, C-print, 149 x 191 cm

In this ongoing series I have concentrated on making portraits of people in architectural spaces. My particular interest in modern architecture was revitalized the year I lived in Paris to functionalist - socialist architecure in Berlin. I usually find places of particular interest in my local environment. The place functions as a stage for the person portrayed and that gives the portraits a special meaning, a context. I am interested in how artists in earlier times and their ideas about space, spatial solutions and its proportions relate to the contemporary human being? Are these idealistic architectural spaces valid today, 50 - 80 years later? I am investigating the meaning of these architecural spaces and the dialogue that exists in the interplay between the human being and the architectural space.


Kirsty, Palais am Funkturm, 2003, C-print, 149 x 191 cm


Svein and Elise, Villa Savoie, 2002, C-print, 149 x 191 cm


Matthew, Kino International Berlin, 2000, C-print, 149 x 191 cm