Mongolia, 2004


MN 001 Family Purew, Otschir and Luwsansharaw, 2004, C-print, 125 x 152 cm

Mongolia is a series of portraits of the Mongolian nomads and their houses, the ger, also called a jurte. The portraits are taken either outdoors, in the dry, monochromatic landscape, or indoors, displaying the colourful interior of the ger, which stands in a stark contrast to the landscape outside. For about 3000 years the form and the function of the ger has remained unchanged. In the series of portraits of the ger itself I was interested in how the individual characteristics of the ger was made visible through the changing daylight and how it was placed in the landscape.


MN 007 Adja and Tschuluun, 2004, C-print, 60,1 x 75,9 cm


MN 050 Ger, 2004, C-print, 68 x 85 cm


MN 054 Ger, 2004, C-print, 68 x 85 cm